About Us


42Designs by Ta'Ziyah was founded in late 2018 in Okinawa, Japan, by CEO/Owner Shelly.
The company 42Designs by Ta'Ziyah is meaningfully named to represent the birthdate of her sons Trevor, Ta'Ziyah, and Matteo. The name Ta'Ziyah was added is in honor of her son, who passed away in 2016.
42Designs by Ta'Ziyah initially started focusing on handmade jewelry, Shelly's passion. She continues to design customized jewelry for her clients. Shelly hopes that with every piece of jewelry created by her hands, she is spreading the love, comforting embrace, unique characteristic, passion, and positive energy that Ta'Ziyah possessed.
In 2020, Shelly decided to take her brand 42Designs by Ta'Ziyah in a new direction and follow her dreams into the fashion world. For Shelly, 42Designs by Ta'Ziyah is a brand that is limitless when it comes to possibilities, break barriers to achieve our goals, and we live in our own design.
Shelly's new mission is to provide women with garments, handbags, and accessories that make them feel empowered, feminine, sexy, and confident without breaking the bank.
We provide closet-worthy pieces that are trendy for all occasions. #42DesignsbyTaziyah women stand out from the crowd PERIOD! You will find her at the gym, working a 9-5, running errands, hanging with her tribe, or looking oh so specular on date night. She knows her worth and embraces the freedom she gets from being unapologetically her. #42DesignsbyTaziyah women shop here because they receive quality, loyalty, and great prices. Let’s have fun!