Stone Guide


The goal of this page is to guide you on some of the stones used in our jewelry and list some of their assumed spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties. Some stones have different variations and each variation will have it's own individual description. This list compiles most descriptions under one entry.

AGATE: Confidence- Wisdom-sexuality-Creativity-Courage- Balance- Good Luck- Wealth-Strength-Love- Protection- Will-Stability- Persistence-Grounding-Clarity- Communication-Vitality.

AMAZONITE: Truth- Sincerity- Communication- Integrity- Harmony- Self-love

AMBER: Romantic-love- Light- Warmth- Cleansing- Purification- Healing- Energy- Removes negative energy from the body- Balance- Strength- Wisdom- Promotes good luck and success.

AMETHYST: Protection-Spiritual awareness- Divine connection-Release of addictions- Communication- Relieves stress- Positive transformation- Balance.

AQUAMARINE: Cooling- Soothing-Cleansing-Inner power strength- Clear communication-Inspiration- Safe travel on water- Tranquility-Peace.

AVENTURINE: Vitality- Creativity- Growth- Independence- Confidence- Balance- Career success- Calmness- Self discipline- Inner strength- Prosperity.

BLOODSTONE: Abundance, Strength, Generosity- Vitality- Good fortune- Purification- Courage.

CARNELIAN: Courage- Emotional warmth- Sexuality- Harmony- Happiness- Confidence- Creativity- Vitality- Memory.

CAT'S EYE: Self-control- Intelligence- Courage- Strength of mind- Knowledge- Determination.

CITRINE: Manifestation- Prosperity- Pleasure- Mental clarity- Energy- Enjoyment of life- Creativity- Success- Spiritual growth- Truth- Confidence.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Energy, Clarity, Healing, Calmness.

FLOURITE: Improved decision-making- Clearing the energy fields- Inner truth- Dispels emotional confusion- Enhanced mental abilities.

GARNET: Prosperity- Health- Encourages optimism- Confidence- Helps with weight loss.

GOLDSTONE: Manifest joyful visions- Enhances personal power- Empowerment- Enhance one's sense of well-being- Absorbs toxic emotions- Clears negative energy, stress, anxiety, and worry.

HOWLITE: Creativity- Inspiration- Artistic expression. JADE Health- Abundance- Love- Protection- Clears negativity- Courage- Compassion- Clear thinking- Spiritual knowledge- Stability- Fertility- Harmony- Balance- Peace- Perspective.

JASPER: Stabilization- Strength and Vitality- Healing- Completion- Nurturing- Relaxation- Joy of life- Grounding mental energies- Discipline and perseverance- Release of bad habits.

LABRADORITE: Protection- Transformation- Calming- Stimulates imagination- Strengthens will.

LAPIS LAZULI: Inner vision- Inner truth- Truthful communication- Inner power- Friendship- Royal virtues- Love- Intuition- Self- confidence- Purification.

LAVA STONE: Communication- Cleansing negativity- Enhancing creativity.

MALACHITE: Enlightened leadership- Protection- Comfort- Creativity- Wisdom- Peace- Positive Transformation- Confidence- Loyalty.

MOOKAITE: Grounding- Nurturing- Shielding.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Calming- Protection.

OBSIDIAN: Grounding, Fulfillment- Cleansing negativity- Transformation- Manifestation- Purification- Practicality- Spiritual guidance.

OCEAN JASPER: Enjoyment of life- Positive self-expression- Physical and emotional healing- Release of negativity and stress.

ONYX: Inner strength- Willpower- Discipline- Self-mastery- Focused attention- Reason.

OPAL: Emotional healing- Loyalty- Consciousness- Emotional protection- Calming the mind- Peace- Love- Purification- Creativity- Joy- Self-expression- Imagination- Calm confidence- Quiet strength.

QUARTZ: Clearing- cleansing- Clarity- Calmness- Harmony- Energy- Healing- Memory enhancement.

RHODONITE: Calmness- Inner path- Generosity- Compassion- Gratefulness- Courtesy- Altruism- Elegance- Refinement- Developing hidden talents.

ROSE QUARTZ: Love- Mother love- Caring- Gentleness- Friendship- Release stress- Romantic love- Unconditional love- Emotional healing of stress.

RUBY: Love force- Devotion- Courage- Happiness- Protectiveness- Power and Leadership- Passion- Inspiration- Enthusiasm- Prosperity- High energy- Happiness- Integrity.

SAPPHIRE: Awareness- Meditation- Discipline- Intellect- Abundance- Independence- Strength of will- Self appreciation- Creativity- Sexuality- Knowledge- Memory- Love- Forgiveness- Clarity- Discernment- Luck- Balance.

SHUNGITE: Cleansing and purification- Adherence to truth- Infusion of spiritual light.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Grounding- Pride- Stability- Positive thoughts- Calmness- Lifts depression- Serenity.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Transformation- Balance during changes- Manifestation- Fulfillment.

SODALITE: Enhanced insight and mental performance- Intuition- Clarity- Intelligence- Truth- Emotional balance.

SUNSTONE: Leadership- Sensuality- Benevolence- Sexuality- Independence- Strength- Freedom- Abundance of blessings- Originality- Romance.

TIGER EYE: Balance between extremes- Personal empowerment- Discernment- Grace- Power- Courage- Vitality- Strength- Grounding- Fairness- Integrity- Willpower- Protection.

TIGER IRON: Creativity- Strength- Stamina- Vitality- Grounding- Focused will.

TOURMALINE: Purification- Happiness- Compassion- Protection- Love- Emotional healing- Balance- Healing- Rekindling one's passion for life- Wholeness- Understanding- Positive transformation.

TURQUOISE: Wisdom- Wholeness- Positive thinking- Balance- Friendship- Sensitivity- Communication- Purification.

UNAKITE: Grounding- Balance of physical emotions.


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