Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack
Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack
Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack

Red White and Black "Mom of Boys" Charm Bracelet Stack

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These bracelets are a perfect gift for a woman who loves her boys. Gift her with this set and see her heart melt.


  •  Set of 2 Agate, Red Howlite, Quartz, and Glass Stretch Bracelet Set
  • Available in Size 7 Inches (please measure your wrist prior to making your final purchase) Send us a message with your desired size.
  • 8-10-12mm Stones
  • Red, Black, White, and Silver
  • “Mother of Boys” Charm
  • Premium Stretch Cord
  • Photo may have been enlarged and/or enhanced.
  • Handmade


These bracelets are strung on elastic cord that easily slips on and off your wrist.

Crafted by hand with semi-precious stones and uniquely designed. Therefore, all pieces may vary slightly in color, shape, and size.

Pair it with your outfit for added fashion appeal.

Style#: WOMBRAC 00246

Size Guide
Most of our clothing is true to size. However, on occasion there are items that run smaller or bigger than others. If this is the case, we will be sure to make note of it in the product description of the item. If you believe you are in between sizes we suggest you purchase the next size up. Most of our models sizes vary. 
Please send us a message using the "contact us" form if you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you.


 There are a various factors used to determine the correct necklace length and bracelet fit. These size guides should be useful for you and will help you to get the best fit for bracelets and necklaces.
Use these measurements to meet your desired fit.
Measure your wrist starting at the below the wrist bone.  Add 1/4" to 1/2" for a nice snug fit. This fit leaves little dangle. Add 3/4" to 1" for a comfortable fit. This fit leaves some wiggle room. Add 1 1/4" for a loose fit. This fit allows for more movement and dangle around the wrist.
Adult Bracelet Measurements Inches
Average 7-7 1/4
Extended Average  7 1/2
Large 7 3/4
X-Large 8-9


The length and style of your necklace should be based on neck size, personality and clothing.

Neck Size Measurement

Use of a soft measuring tape is the most common tool used determine the size of your neck. You simply wrap this tape around the base of your neck to determine neck size. If you don't have access to a soft measuring tape, no problem. Use ribbon or string and carefully wrap around the base of the neck, indicate where the ends meet and lay it against a yardstick or ruler.

 Here are styles of necklaces and corresponding lengths.

Collar 12-13 inches

The collar necklace are most commonly worn closely around the neck. Chokers can consist of one strand or several strands of chain beads. Collars look beautiful with V-necks, off-the-shoulder, and boat neck attire.

Choker style: 14-16 inches

Choker necklaces creates a very classic look and can be worn according to your personal style. Choker style necklaces allows versatility and can be worn with all types of attire or neckline.

Princess style: 17-19 inches

One of the most commonly worn necklace length is the Princess style. This type of necklace rests below the throat and if layered will fall between the choker and matinee necklaces. Focal pieces such as pendants add and extra flare to this necklace style. One can wear the Princess necklace with any type of attire flawlessly.

Matinee Style: 20-24 inches

The matinee style necklace is the second most popular necklace commonly worn. The matinee rests between the princess and opera length necklaces. Wearing the matinee necklace with business attire is a great choice however, wearing it causally is also a good choice.

Opera: 30-36 inches

Opera necklaces are considered long and will range from 30-36 inches in length. one great feature with opera necklaces is their versatility. Opera necklaces can be worn as a single or double strand necklace depending on your style. Opera necklaces complement outfits with high necks or crew necks. 

Rope: 37+ inches

Of all necklaces, the rope necklace is the longest and has the most dramatic effect. You can wear a rope necklace as single strand or create multiple strands a layered look.